Friday, August 29, 2008

Scrimmage VS Lake Region

At half time the Wolverines were leading 1-0 in the scrimmage with Lake Region. The team looks more together then they did last week when they lost to Rangers Football Club 1-2.

A few shots from the first half.

Kevin Van Lenten (#23) advancing the ball

Nick Gardner (#1- BA keeper)putting the ball back into play.

Zach Johnson (#11)puts a shot on net.

Jabalani Stokes-Nickerson with a fantastic bicycle kick that went off the top bar and in for the only score of the first half.

Coach Mellon bringing the team in for half time.

A Day to Cool Off

Coach Mellon and Coach Berk took the soccer team up to Diana's Bath in New Hamsphire, along with the Wolverine football team, for a bit of hiking and cooling off. It was a good chance for the teams to get to know each other and enjoy one of the interesting places here in New England.

David Brakett or Windham, ME, cooling off in one of the potholes at Diana's Bath.

Look for a report and images this weekend form the Lake Region vs Bridgton Academy scrimmage that is taking place today.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Player Profile- Michael Peart

Michael Peart is defensive midfielder from Crownville, MD.

WS- What do you think of Bridgton Academy so far?
MP- I like it, school hasn't started yet, but so far it's been pretty good.

WS- What do you want to get out of this year?
MP- Mainly academic improvement. In high school I was an average student, not the best I could be, this year I'm going to work hard and put myself in the position to go to the schools I want to go to. And with soccer I want to advance myself, and be able to play after Bridgton.

WS- What are you expecting on the first day of classes?
MP- I'm excited to start class. I'm expecting it to be a bit like highschool, but I realy am not sure. I'm looking forward to the small classs size and to get to know the teachers. I want to do my best.

WS- What does it mean to be a Wolverine?
MP- It means that people expect my best and that they know I'm capable of performign and doing great things.

The Wolverines will be scrimagging Lake Region High School tomorrow (Friday) here at Bridgton at 2:30pm.

The team running drills

Listening to soccer skills on tape, or at least I think that is what he said.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A conversation with Head Coach Mellon

We caught up with Coach Mellon after the 2-1 loss to Rangers Football Club from England. Here is an excerpt from our conversations.

“The game went well for the first game of the season with the guys working as 11 person unit. Unfortunately we couldn’t pull out the win, but we learned a great deal as a team, as coaches, and as individual players. This scrimmage will go a long way to getting us ready for the first official game on the season set for September 6th against Providence Country Day School.

“We have good talent on the team and according to Assistant Coach Berk, we have more talent this year then we did last year, and Bridgton Academy Soccer played to a 13-3-2 record, so that bodes well.

“We’re taking it one game at a time, they need to realize that we are going to take it one game at a time. The next couple of days we’ll get ready for our scrimmage against Lake Region, but all of this is working towards the first official game of the season against Providence Country Day School.

“We played really well the first two minutes of the second half, we played Bridgton Academy soccer and we scored. This was a tough team to play as they had a good combination of finesse and control as well as the ability to play very physical soccer. Their slide tackle skills were spectacular. It’s always interesting to see teams from different country play and to watch their style.

“We need to get better in the air and work towards coming back together and playing the Bridgton Academy way in a consistent manner.”

2nd Half

The Wolverines fell to the Ranger Soccer Club by a score of 2 to 1. A good match, and a good starting point for Coach Mellon.

Game recap to follow.

Match against Rangers Soccer Club- 1rst Half

It's halftime, and the RSC is leading the Wolverines 1 to 0 on a beautiful day for soccer here in Bridgton, Maine. The Wolverines look good, but the ball is staying on the wrong side of the midfield at this point. Look for a turn around in the second half.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rangers Football Club

The Rangers Football Club arrived from England today to take on the Wolverines in a game tomorrow morning at 10:00am. If you're in the area stop by for an international match.

We'll look to get a few thoughts from Coach Mellon and Coach Berk before game time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming together

Coach Mellon and Coach Berk saw a couple additional players join the team through the weekend, giving Wolverine Soccer a good looking unit for the upcoming season.

Both Saturday and Sunday started out with a bit of fog:

Fortunately the fog lifted, or else corner kicks would have been easly lost as they entered the box.

Stay tuned for player updates this week as well as a early impressions from both Coach Mellon and Coach Berk.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hot Day In The Sun

The afternoon session kicked off at 3:45, with temperatures still in the upper 80's. The team is coming together as a unit and a few new players will be making their way to campus by the weekend. Coach Mellon and Coach Berk will continue to drive home the motto- Integrity. Leadership. Excellence.

A couple of shots from today's practice.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Practice

Wolverine Soccer has a new motto- Integrity. Leadership. Excellence. An Coach Mellon is driving that home right from the start.

The team has spent the first 24 hours on campus getting to know each other and learn their way around campus. They spent much of the afternoon working on skills and getting a feel for how they will gel as a team.

Look to see the results of this effort as Bridgton Academy takes on Rangers Soccer Club at home on August 26th.

Check back for an update from Coach Mellon as well as player profiles.

Soccer Pre-Season Underway

New Wolverine head soccer coach Kevin Mellon hit the field with the 2008 Wolverine Soccer Team for a few drills and a get to know you session yesterday afternoon. With players from the Bermuda and around the U.S. the team is shaping up nicely.

Photos from today's practice will be up shortly.

Go Wolverines.