Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rob Palumbo Named Athlete of The Month

There was a time when Bridgton Academy soccer was a familiar name in the New England Prep School Class A playoffs each year. The team reached the final four in back to back years in ’04 and ’05 and looked poised to take the next step and hoist a championship banner. With several coaching changes, the program slipped a little but this year’s Wolverine soccer team looks like it may the one to return to the upper echelon of New England Prep School soccer. At the front and center of the team is this month’s Athlete of The Month, Rob Palumbo.

Forget the fact that he scored 30% of the goals for the team that went 7-0-1 for the month. The manner in which he did it was the real story. In the season opener against Bowdoin College, he tallied a hat trick to lead the team to a 4-0 victory. He repeated the task 2 more times, once against Navy Prep and again against Bowdoin College. His 10 goals left him 1 behind the team lead for the month and his 25 points was second as well.

His real impact was felt in his playmaking ability. His play simply lifts his teammates to a higher plane. On any given day, you will hear in the crowd, “Did you just see what he did with the ball?!” after he has set his teammates up for an easy score. His teammates have responded by dominating the competition for the month.

The theme of “This Is Sparta” for our Athlete of The Month award this year has never been more evident in Rob’s play. While you win or lose as a team, each team needs effective leadership. Rob’s play and leadership for the month have earned him the inaugural Athlete of The Month award for the 2009-2010 school year.

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