Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Student Profile: Josh Lombard


IN HIGH SCHOOL: I was a little bit lazy, I just coasted through I did the minimum amount of work and I didn’t really study a lot. School work wasn’t the biggest priority for me in high school.

HEARD ABOUT BA: My soccer coach talked to me about going to a prep school, and my guidance counselor in high school knew Mr. Webb so they made the connection.

GOALS AT BA: Just to get better grades. Learn how to be productive so I can excel in college.

BA IS DIFFERENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL: Well first, Bridgton is all boys. Here the teachers actually care about your work, and grades, and if you excel or not. In high school they didn’t really care as much. People here are also more willing to help you if you need it. In high school it was kind of intimidating to ask teachers for extra help.

BEST ABOUT BA: The atmosphere and the people here. Everyone is kind of here for the same thing, and the teachers are here to help you out. Its just a great atmosphere.

WORST THING ABOUT BA: The location, its in the middle of nowhere. Its hard to get yourself motivated with the weather outside right now (winter). Its hard to get up in the morning and actually go to classes.


OUTSIDE OF BA: I play a lot of video games, pick up basketball, lift weights.

ROLE MODEL: My Mom, she is really hard working, and she can push herself to be better and always striving to be the best person she can be and it reflects on me.

FAVORITE BOOK: I just recently read The Blind Side, that’s good.

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Hangover is really funny, or Step Brothers.

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM & ATHLETE: Boston Red Sox, Kevin Garnett.


FRIENDS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW: That if I’m in the right mood I actually like to read books.

BA PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS SHOULD KNOW: Even though this place is up in the middle of nowhere, and its all guys, its still going to be one of the best choices you ever make because its going to get you ready for college and your future.

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