Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zachary B. Hathaway

What is your hometown?
Ipswich, MA.

Where did you go to High School?
St. John’s Prep.

Previous Team (If different than high school):
St. John’s Prep Eagles and the Boston Bolts.

How did you hear about BA?
My mom is friends with a former BA parent.

What are your goals at BA?
To increase my grades and get into a good college, on both academic and athletic fronts.

Where are you looking for college?
UMass Amherst, St. Leo, UNH and URI.

What is your dream school?
UMass Amherst.

Is BA different than your high school?  If so, how?
Yes.  For one, it’s a boarding school.  Two, it’s in Maine.  Three, it’s pretty sports-specific.

What is the best thing about BA?
I really like how structured it is.

What is the worst thing about BA?
I don’t like that it’s in the middle of nowhere.

What activities do you take part in at BA?
I ski.

What activities do you take part in outside of BA?  Hobbies?
Other than skiing, not really.

Who is your role model?
Johan Cruyff.

What is your favorite book?
Rule of the Bone.

What is your favorite type of music?

Who is your favorite band / musician?
John Butler.

What is your favorite sports team?

Who is your favorite athlete?
Lionel Messi.

What is your favorite meal?

What is your favorite quote and who said it?
“I was a terror since the public school era,” – Biggie Smalls

What would you like prospective BA students to know?
You should be completely prepared and understand that it’s not going to be easy.  Don’t be discouraged and always keep focusing on your ultimate goals!

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