Friday, September 26, 2008

Images for the Colby JV game

Bridgton Academy soccer lost another tough game against a college JV team, this time taking on Colby in a match that saw strong play in the first half by both teams. Bridgton came out in the second half down 4-1 but got a quick score to bring the game to a manageable 4-2, however the intensity began to drop off and the Wolverines struggled to control the ball through much of the second half, spending a tremendous amount of energy chasing down Colby players. In the closing 15 minutes of the match it was evident that Bridgton's nemesis- fatigue, had set in. By the time the match ended the final score was 7-2.
Full game recap coming soon.

Joe Medeiros fighting for the ball.

Michael Peart and Joshua Robinson looking to cut the Colby attach off on the angle.

Joshua Robinson getting ready to clear the ball.

Robinson with control of the ball.

Jabulani Stokes-Nickerson challenging for the ball.

Kevin Van Lenten challenging for the ball.

Van Lenten looking to break up a play.

Zach Johnson hustling for the ball.

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